Guide to Solar Roofing

Ridge Valley Exteriors guide to solar roofing. Solar roofing offers both short- and long-term benefits to homeowners. Installing advanced solar technology reduces energy bills. It also increases home value, provides tax benefits, and increases energy independence. As an alternative to fossil fuels such as gas and coal, solar energy is clean, safe, reliable, and sustainable.


Learn more about the benefits to solar power for your home in this guide to solar roofing.

Guide to Solar Roofing:

Your home can be powered by the sun through a solar roof. There are multiple components in the system that work together to provide electricity, heat, and cooling. During the day, the sun usually shines for several hours, so you can store additional energy to use during emergencies. You can also sell your excess energy to your local power provider in exchange for credit on your bill.

You will save money over time with solar panels by using the guide to solar roofing. Since the 1970s, this technology has advanced dramatically – but its core functions remain the same. There are many steps to note in this process.

1. The Solar Cells

There are dozens of solar cells inside a solar panel or photovoltaics. Photons emitted by the sun are absorbed by your solar panels. The photons inside the solar cells then release electrons from the atoms, creating an electric current. Solar cells have positive and negative layers. The bottom layer has a positive charge due to boron, while the top layer has a negative charge due to phosphorus. Solar panels and inverters combine to convert the sun’s rays into direct energy.

2. The Inverter

For solar energy to work, an inverter is necessary. The electric current becomes usable energy once it reaches the inverter. Direct current is converted to alternating current by the inverter. Direct current electric current is unidirectional. The alternating current electricity, which is transported by the utility grid and used by homes and businesses, flows in both directions.

3. The Breaker Box

Your breaker box receives the alternating current from the inverter once it has been converted into an alternating current. From there, it can power your appliances and electronics throughout your home. Any energy you do not use will return to your utility meter. Net metering, a process of returning unused energy to the electric grid, may allow you to earn credits on your next power bill depending on where you live.

Benefits of Switching to Solar Roofing

By using this guide to solar roofing, switching to solar can have many benefits for you, your community, and the environment. In addition to saving you money in the long term, this decision creates a more sustainable world.

1. Contributes to a Cleaner, Safer, and Healthier Environment

You’ve likely heard that alternative energy solutions contribute to a cleaner, safer environment. It’s because solar energy reduces the amount of harmful carbon and pollutants in the environment. By using these setups, you won’t generate any greenhouse gases, so you’ll be able to mitigate climate change. This helps make our planet healthier for everyone.

2. Offers the Best Long-Term Reliability

Solar energy may just be more reliable than other alternative energy sources. In comparison to any other source of power, solar power is more consistent and reliable. There are hardly any variations by season or location. Every day, the southwest region of the U.S. receives about 5.75 kilowatt-hours of sunlight per square meter. At about four kilowatts per square meter-squared per day, the northernmost areas of the country get the least sun.

As of July, the U.S. is exposed to more than 5.75 hours of sun a day. By comparison, it gets a little less than four hours a day in January. The largest variation is therefore only about two kilowatt-hours. Thus, residents everywhere will have access to the sun, and the sun won’t disappear anytime soon. It is an inexhaustible resource.

3. Decreases Your Monthly Costs

By installing a solar roof on your home, you will reduce your monthly electricity bills. Your savings will depend on your home’s energy usage and the demand on your local grid. See if you can save money. You’ll probably enjoy more significant savings with solar panels if the number is high.

4. Contributes to Your Home Value

Solar panels are a popular and desirable feature of new homes. Your home’s value increases when you add solar panels to it, just as adding a pool, granite countertops, or stainless-steel appliances does. For a home with a solar system, buyers will pay tens of thousands of dollars more.

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