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Sadly, many roofing contractors serving Kennesaw GA over promise and underdeliver. This is why you should choose our Platinum Roofers who are certified roofing experts specially trained by roofing industry giant and Fortune 500 company. Owens Corning will help you avoid the stress of poor workmanship, broken commitments, and insufficient information by delivering a home improvement experience superior to all others. Your wants and needs are of our highest importance. You deserve a roofing service contractor serving in Kennesaw, GA like Ridge Valley Exteriors.

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Learn how Roofing for a Cure benefits St Jude Children’s Research Hospital by donating a portion of revenue from every project to help fight childhood cancer.

Roofing Contractor Serving Kennesaw GA

Call now for immediate Kennesaw Georgia roof services such as our residential asphalt roof replacement and residential roof repair. 

Meet Our Owner Derric Stull

Derric is a licensed General Contractor and carries roofing licenses in many states. He holds numerous industry certifications from Owens Corning, CertainTeed, and GAF, and is a HAAG Certified Residential and Commercial Roof Inspector. By using our business profiles, you can perform a background check on Derric with the local Better Business Bureau organizations. Derric is currently an active Advisory Council member with Owens Corning Roofing Contractor Network. Derric is one of only 11 members out of over 500 Platinum Contractors serving on the Owens Corning Platinum Counsel.

In order to give you a positive experience, Derric is dedicated to installing only high-quality roofing systems while focusing on the customer, the communities where he works, and his team at Ridge Valley Exteriors. He dedicates his time and resources to bettering the local communities through various philanthropic projects. With Derric’s years experience, combined with his dedication to his customers and his hands-on attitude, he continues to drive the company’s success each day!

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    Only the top 1% of contractors In the United States are Platinum Preferred Contractors. There’s no higher achievement in the roofing industry!

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    Cities and Service Areas We Work from Our Kennesaw, GA Office: 

    Here is a shortlist of these services areas: 

    Acworth, Alpharetta, Shiloh West, Yacht Club Estates, Indian Village, Oak Grove, Ashley Forest, Noonday, Allatoona, Woodstock, Marietta, Cobb County, and of course the surrounding areas in Atlanta.

    If you live in any of these areas, give us a call!

    Roofing Services Offered in Kennesaw GA

    Roof Repair

    If you have a leaky roof, it is a sign that the damage might be severe enough for you to think about a roof replacement, but a minor roof repair could put an end to all of that. Ridge Valley Exteriors, Inc. Has the experience and expertise in identifying the source of your roof leak and providing you with options for a roof repair

    The professionals at Ridge Valley Exteriors are dedicated to offering you professional quality customer service and ensuring that you know exactly what the true problem is. With the help of Infinity Roofing Contractors, we can supply you with the best Infinity team to help you make an informed decision about what needs to be done. Ridge Valley Exteriors will ensure that your roof is not damaged any further and will not need a full replacement. You may choose to repair the portion of the roof where the leak is coming from or possibly replace more than one area of your roof. Either way, it will give you a chance to save money on replacement costs rather than choosing a new roof straight away.  

    Attic Insulation

    Ridge Valley Exteriors is Top of The House trained and certified by insulation industry leader, Owens Corning. Being Top of The House with Owens Corning Roofing Contractor Network assures you that Ridge Valley has the best training and good experience to guide you through what you want, need, and deserve during your roofing or home improvement project. 

    In most climates, attic insulation is a highly recommended upgrade to help reduce energy costs and increase home comfort. While it may be a little more work up there, the benefits of energy efficiency and lower energy bills will make it worth the extra effort.

    Whether you are protecting your home from heat loss in the winter or preventing moisture damage in the summer, adding insulation to your attic is an investment that really pays off. Your roofing shingles, roof ventilation, and attic insulation all work as a system to protect your home. Your attic insulation will not only keep your house cooler and more comfortable it will also help make your roofing shingles last longer by protecting them against heat damage. When properly installed, an efficient insulation system can help cut down on the heat loss and hot air produced in an attic area. In times of winter, it will make your home warmer, you could reduce the cost of heating bills. Also, in summer, a well-insulated attic area can help to keep the temperature cooler to avoid using air conditioning unnecessarily.  

    If you are thinking about adding insulation to your attic but aren’t sure where to start, call Ridge Valley Exteriors. Our trained Top of The House staff members can help explain how attic insulation works as part of a complete roofing system, as well as help you select the right product for your home. 

    Skylight Repair & New Skylight Installation

    Skylights can serve many purposes in a home from making sure your room has enough natural light during the day to providing nice views of the outdoors. However, homeowners should know that not all skylights are created equal; some will leak or even fall apart after only a few years of use. Skylight installation requires an understanding of how they work, as well as the roofing type and construction materials for your house. Once installed correctly, skylights can last years if regular maintenance is performed by a professional whenever needed. 

    If you are struggling with a leaky skylight or afraid that your old skylights might be showing signs of leaking, there is no better way to identify any issues like leaks than doing a thorough inspection. If you are a homeowner and suffering from the effects of skylight leaks, call our roofers for professional advice on how to fix them early on to prevent bigger problems from occurring in the future.

    New roof Installation

    Now for what Ridge Valley Exteriors is most famous for, new roof replacement. Your roof is your first line of protection from the elements, which is why it’s so important to replace your roof with a new one as soon as the signs of wear and tear start to show from possible storm damage. A new or replacement roof is a big investment so it is important to choose one that will last for years to come. A roofing professional from Ridge Valley Exteriors will do a thorough inspection of your home before determining if it’s time for a new roof. When you’re ready to replace your roof with a new one we will walk you through all the quality installation options available to fit your needs. You can count on Ridge Valley for expert guidance every step of the way. As a Platinum Preferred Roofing Contractor with Owens Corning, you can have true peace of mind that you will not get a better roofing contractor in Kennesaw, GA.

    About Our Great City of Kennesaw, Georgia

    Kennesaw is a city located in the north-central part of the state of Georgia, approximately 40 miles North of Atlanta. It is a city that lives by its reputation as a premier destination for families and businesses looking to relocate in the Atlanta metropolitan area. With highly-rated schools and an affordable cost of living, there are many reasons why Kennesaw is quickly growing in popularity among individuals seeking a new home.  Kennesaw is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing areas in metropolitan Atlanta with approximately 32,000 residents. The city has a population density of 52 people per square mile. The transportation system is in place for businesses with easy access to major US highways and the airport. The city has a strong workforce that is supported by thriving business sectors including government; educational and health care institutions; retail and industrial employment. Home to Northern Arizona University, Kennesaw is known for its friendly neighborhoods, family-oriented lifestyle, and beautiful scenery. 

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    We offer a broad range of residential roofing services, including residential roof repair and replacement for asphalt shingles, metal, slate, and tile roofing.

    We offer a broad range of commercial roof repair services, including roof repair and replacement for flat roofs, TPO, EPDM, Modified Bitumen, and metal roofing.

    We have on-staff insurance claim experts to help walk you through getting your roof damage claim filed. They are ready to work with your insurance company to expedite your claims; from small repairs to major structural damage.

    If storm damage has left your structure with a few missing shingles or even a gaping hole in your roof, the quicker repairs can get underway, the better.

    21-Point Rooftop Inspection

    Certified Roof-Top Experts will do a detailed assessment of your roof. We wear video cameras so you can see what we see.

    1,000’s of Satisfied Customers

    Our Experienced Roofers are standing by to help with any Emergency Roof Repairs that may arise.

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    roof guarantee hold hand ridge valley

    Derric Stull, the owner of Ridge Valley Exteriors, guarantees your full satisfaction with exceptional customer service. Our Hold Your Hand Guarantee ensures your complete satisfaction through the entire process.

    When comparing a Roofing Contractor Serving Kennesaw GA make sure to choose one that is licensed and insured.

    Other Home Improvement Services We Offer Include

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    (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions for A Kennesaw, Georgia Roofer

    Do you service areas outside of Kennesaw with roof repair services?

    Yes, we have a large service area around Kennesaw and other surrounding areas such as Acworth, Alpharetta, Shiloh West, Yacht Club Estates, Indian Village, Oak Grove, Ashley Forest, Noonday, Allatoona, Woodstock, Marietta, Cobb County, and of course Atlanta, GA. 

    Do you repair and replace skylights?

    Yes, in many cases we can repair a skylight by adding or repairing the flashing around the skylight. Long story short, If we can’t repair your skylight, we recommend the Velux Skylights as the best skylight replacement brand on the market. Velux has a 10-year no-leak warranty to give you peace of mind with your new skylights.

    What type of roofing shingles do you recommend? 

    As a Platinum Preferred roofing contractor with Owens Corning, we highly recommend the Duration line with Owens Corning. The SureNail technology is just hard to beat for wind resistance and durability. 

    Do you give free roof inspections? 

    Yes, at Ridge Valley Exteriors we believe every free roof inspection we do is an opportunity to do business with you. Even if our inspection shows no roof damage at all we have made a connection and hopefully a good impression and maybe we can do business in the future.

    Put Your Trust in a Top Rated Kennesaw Local Roofing Company

    Kennesaw is a city northwest of Atlanta, and is located in Cobb County Georgia. It is located in the larger Atlanta metropolitan area known as “Metro-Atlanta”. In the 1830s, Kennesaw’s history all began when the Georgia legislature approved the construction of a railway line through Cobb County. This was known as the Western and Atlantic Railroad, it’s 20 miles long track stretched from Atlanta to Cartersville by 1846. Several small towns were established by the railroad including Vinings, Smyrna, Acworth, and Big Shanty. The excess of water and high ground against the railroad led to the construction of worker’s shanties near present-day Kennesaw. This area became known as “Big Shanty Grade”. The high point of the railroad between the Chattahoochee and Etowah Rivers is the way of passage in Kennesaw. Kennesaw was first populated by Native American tribes. At that time, it was named Big Shanty. In particular, it was the site of the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain through the American Civil War. Later on, the city was renamed Kennesaw Mountain. However, some also believe that the city was named after an Indian chief. The city of Kennesaw was properly united on September 21, 1887. The total population is now around 33,700 people. Kennesaw holds many historical site areas, and there are so many excellent land areas to visit. It is also less than 20 miles from Red Top Mountain State Park in Acworth, GA. which is located on Lake Allatoona. Red Top Mountain SP is a great place for fun. It encompasses more than 15 miles of trails—some paved, some for hikers, and some for bikers. Here’s a list of other things to do there: camping, boating, swimming, fishing, picnicking, archery, mini-golf, water skiing, pickleball, tennis, birdwatching, and educational/interpretive programs. This area has deep roots with big plans for the future. 

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