Best Time to Install Solar Panels on Your Home

The best time to install solar panels on your home is when you are getting a new roof. Consider integrating solar panels as part of the overall renovation!

For at least two decades, a new roof with solar panels can power your house, reducing future repair and maintenance costs, and protecting your new roof from the elements.

Here, you will know the benefits of installing solar panels while replacing your roof at the same time. Solar panels and a new roof are the perfect combination!

Best Time to Install Solar Panels on Your Home: Advantages of Installing Solar Panels When Replacing Your Roof

By installing solar panels together with a new roof, you will obtain eight major benefits:

  1. Single Point of Contact

Getting roof replacement and solar panel installation are two significant projects for your Tampa FL home. Having a single point of contact for both home improvement projects streamlines communication. Thus, the project will run faster and smoother.

  1. Combined Financing

The expense of replacing your Marco Island FL roof and adding a solar power system necessitates long-term financial predictions. You will not seek many choices from various vendors and banks. Instead, you will complete both tasks through a single organization, which allows you to pay for everything with one loan.

  1. Combined Permitting

Hiring a single point-of-contact to manage all the project-related information, similar to combined finance, helps to speed the permitting procedure.

  1. Simplified Timeline

It’s easier to plan if you treat the installation of solar panels and the replacement of the roof as a single undertaking. This way, you can articulate the different project stages. Besides, you can make sure that everyone involved in the project has a clear picture of every task to perform. So, putting all these aspects together will speed up the total completion time.

  1. Increased Roof Durability

Your roof durability mostly depends on the material it is constructed from. Yet, every roof will ultimately succumb to the elements. Solar panels have a longer life expectancy than conventional roofing materials, frequently lasting more than 25 years. So, once you replaced your roof, it’s a good idea to go solar right away. Therefore, your new roof may last longer since the panels will cover it.

  1. Cost savings in the long run

New roofing and a new solar power system imply a lesser risk of needing to re-roof during the solar power system’s lifetime. As a result, if you decide to go solar without replacing your existing roof first, you may save time and money. In the end, you will skip the removal of solar panels, replace your roof, and install the panels again.

  1. Roof Compatibility

Solar panels are not suitable for all roof designs and materials. Thus, by combining the installation of solar panels with the replacement of the roof, you will need to employ the correct shingling and tilt, as the appropriate rooftop materials.

  1. Improved Home Value

Adding solar panels and a new roof can improve the look of your property. According to Remodeling Magazine, a new roof may raise the market value of your house by more than $17k on average throughout the United States. It’s a no-brainer in terms of money!

What Are the Advantages of Solar Energy?

When you replace your roof and immediately install the solar panels afterward, you get the following benefits for many years:

• Your utility bills will go down

• Increase the value of your house

• Contribute to reducing energy costs

• Reduce your carbon footprint significantly

• Help the power grid

• Apply for the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

Steps to Replacing a Roof

For the most part, replacing your roof should take between two and three weeks. In addition, weather, seasonality, roof characteristics, and the property layout can all have an impact on the length of the project.

With a new roof and solar panels in mind, here are the stages of a typical shingle roof replacement:

  1. Contract: First, the roofing contractor will ask you to sign a contract. This document will be the agreement that details how the work will be carried out.
  2. Home Preparation: Professional roofing contractors will cover your siding and landscaping with a tarp or similar material before start working on your roof.
  3. Removal of Old Shingles: To check your roofing deck condition, a roofing professional will remove every shingle. They’ll do that even if the shingles seem to be in good condition.
  4. Plywood Inspection: The roofers can detect any damage or weak points when inspecting the plywood that forms your roof’s base.
  5. Preparation of the Shingles: It is critical to protect the roofing deck from water damage. In this sense, different roofing companies install products such as roofing felt, water and ice protection, a drip edge, and other items.
  6. Shingle Application: Here, your roofer will install the roofing material.
  7. Application of Flashing and Ridge Vent: If required, professionals will use flashing and ridge vents to deflect water away from particular locations and enable air to exit without allowing water to enter.
  8. Cleanup and Inspection: Professional roofers always clean up after themselves and do a final inspection to verify that the work meets the client’s expectations.

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When It’s Time to Replace Your Roof, Don’t Put it Off!

Does your roof is damaged? If so, you should not delay replacing it. Instead, you should hire a reputable, verified, insured, and qualified roofing contractor.

As roof shingles wear off, they may expose your roof to elements such as heat, moisture, bugs, and mold. These elements might inadvertently enter your house and cause more harm.

If your roof is beyond repair, it might collapse at any time, posing a danger to you and your family.

On the other hand, an aging roof may lower the total value of your home.

All these are good reasons to repair your roof as soon as possible if it needs it. 

We are part of the top 1% of contractors that are certified Platinum Preferred Contractors. There’s no better achievement in the roofing industry!

Reasons Why You Might Need a New Roof

  • Broken or lose tiles and shingles: They are among the most common causes of roof leaks. Make sure to keep an eye out for broken or misplaced materials.
  • Degraded materials: Your roof will ultimately succumb to the ravages of time. Thus, it is possible to observe things like rusting, lost granules, and worn-out shingles after many years.
  • Water damage: During rainstorms, any broken roof component might allow water to enter your home. Check your roof for signs of damage, such as torn underlayment, deteriorated sealants, and damaged tiles.  
  • Cracks and punctures: The weight of someone walking on your roof, tree branches falling on it, and poor installation may cause cracks and punctures that later may translate into roof leaks.
  • Stagnant Water: If your roof’s flashing and gutters are broken, they will not effectively drain rainwater from the roof.
  • Structural Damage: If you don’t fix your roof, you might be putting your life and the lives of your loved ones at risk.

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Best Time to Install Solar Panels on Your Home: Installation Timeline

The process of putting a solar panel roof on your home might take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks to finish. 

Below, we show the Ridge Valley Exteriors’ average solar power installation process:

  1. Initial Estimate: Get a free solar estimate from Ridge Valley Exteriors to see how much money you may save.
  2. Site Assessment: We’ll come to your home to do a site assessment, which includes checking the roof’s orientation, assessing any shading, and taking measurements. One to two weeks is a reasonable estimate for this stage.
  3. Design: Ridge Valley Exteriors will produce a more thorough plan for your solar panels based on the assessment information and the intricacy of your roof. This will ensure that your solar power system is tailored to your property.
  4. Permitting: We will handle your city, county, and state permissions for you. We may have o wait up to eight weeks for the required government officials to provide their final clearance at this stage. Although we cannot control this timetable, we try our best to expedite the procedure. 
  5. Installation: In most situations, the whole process of installing the solar panels on your roof, installing mounting gear, and connecting the system to your home used to take five days or less.
  6. Inspections: Before the utility grid approves your solar panel system, your county, or city will conduct a final inspection to ensure the safety of the installation. One to four weeks are typical for an inspection.
  7. Utility Interconnection: Ridge Valley Exteriors will send the necessary paperwork to link you to the utility provider. Your new solar power system should be up and running within one to six weeks. After that, the utility will give you the formal “Permission to Operate” papers, which essentially implies that you’ve been given the green light to start generating electricity. Also, they will install a bi-directional meter to register your energy production.

Let One Company Help With Your New Roof plus Solar Panels

Yes, it is possible to employ independent roofing and solar firms and handle everything on your own. But, your best chance is to have the solar panels installed on the roof at the same time as the new roof.

Your unique photovoltaic (PV) system will be up and functioning as quickly as possible if you pick the Ridge Valley Exteriors team to install it. We partner with solar panel installers that have the necessary training and expertise to do the job properly. 

Key Takeaways

  • Installing solar panels while you’re replacing your roof is an excellent idea.
  • A single provider to guarantee that everything goes well best does install both a new roof and solar panels at the same time.
  • If you’re looking for ways to save money on power bills, receive federal tax credits, and reduce your carbon footprint, going solar is a great option.

Contact Ridge Valley Exteriors if you want a solar-paneled roof. Our professionals can assess your circumstances and offer a solar power system that is most suited to your needs. To get started, estimate your potential savings with a custom solar solution today.

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