Learn How to Prolong the Life of Your Roof 

Your roof serves many essential functions

Learn how to prolong the life of your roof with Ridge Valley Exteriors. Roofs are built to serve longer. Whether you accept it or not, but roofs are playing roles in your life as they serve you silently and make your life easier. They are responsible for shielding your home, workplace, or other places, maintaining the whole appearance of your home, and affecting energy efficiency.


Because your Roof is so Important, you need it to Last

We have set up those roofs are significant, yet there are other following facts that you should also consider:

  1. There is no guarantee that the best-made and best-laid roof will last longer
  2. Roofs aren’t modest.
  3. Regular inspection and maintenance are the best way to expand the life of the roof.

What to Look for When Doing a Self-Check of your Roof

Many people purposely ignore their roof until a new issue arrives. But it’s the worst way to take care of your roof. You should self-examine your roof from time to time to avoid big issues especially in the case of a shingle roof.

There is a list of the things that you should look for:

Damage or missing shingles 

If you find something wrong with your shingles including missing, loose, or wrapped shingles you may be able to handle it with early repairmen instead of whole roof replacement.

Exposed nails

Exposed nails are also the cause of roof leaks and can damage the roof.

Look beyond the shingles, too

It’s not enough to only look for shingles or nails but also pay attention to the other parts of the house such as chimneys, vent pipes, skylights, and other features of the roof. Also, the metal flashing needs your attention if it is damaged, loose, or missing.

Previous roof repairs

You should also keep notice of the previous repairs if done any. It’s always beneficial to check those areas to check the condition of the repairs.

Moss, fungus, or debris

Underlying moisture issues can be indicated easily if you notice any moss and fungus around your roof. If the debris remains unnoticed on the roof for a long time it can also cause damage to the roof so it should be removed timely.

Seasonal wear-and-tear

General inspection of the roof should also be done especially after every seasonal change. Small damage is always expected but you should never ignore the situations like damage of many granules as it can lead to huge damage. Especially after the winters-melting snow can be a reason behind missing shingles.

Look inside, too 

It’s good to check the interior of the house especially the attic and other linked areas like vents, exhaust fans. Also, keep in check the ceilings to find any water stain that can surely be an indicator of roof issues.

Self-checks are good, but professional roof inspections and maintenance are better

Though self-check of the roof is always good, there are many chances for you to miss some problems that a professional can indicate easily. So, it’s wise to contact a professional roofer for the routine inspection of the roof or you can also partner with some trustworthy roofing company that can fulfill your need.

Addressing the issue beforehand is better than addressing the aftermath later. And a little investment in roof inspection can save tons of money in the long run. The expense of hiring an expert roof is less expensive than paying for a full roof replacement!

Why Ridge Valley Exteriors is your preferred roofing service provider?

Due to lack of judgment, many roofing companies will force you for full roof replacement without addressing the smaller issues. Avoid that you should join forces with fair and trustworthy local roofing companies who can assist you with every option available- including the repair service if possible.

Ridge Valley Exteriors provides the best service using all types of material. It includes materials like shingles, metals, wood shakes, composites, solar panels, and flat roofing materials. Apart from installation and replacement services Ridge Valley Exteriors also provides repair services. Just contact us on number 844-741-7663 in Kennesaw, GA, Raleigh, NC, Tampa, FL, and Marco Island, FL and allow us the inspection of your roof free of cost. After a complete inspection, we will discuss everything with you and consider your opinions.