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    Roof Repair - Storm Damage & Emergency

    Your roof is constantly exposed to sun, wind, and rain, and the weather takes its toll. Ignoring what you think are small issues can lead to bigger, costly roof problems.

    Whether you have a roof leak, wind damage or your shingles are showing signs of wear, Ridge Valley Exteriors can take a look at your roof and complete the necessary roof repairs quickly and correctly.

    To have your roof evaluated by one of our specialists, call us to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation, roof assessment! We provide a wide range of roof repair services. From leak repair to shingle replacement, we can handle all your roof repair needs.

    Get Your Roof Problems Solved by an A+ Rated Roofing Company

    • Roof leaks
    • Blow-off damage to shingles or roof vents from high winds
    • Hail damage to roofing
    • Snow and/or ice damage
    • Structural roof damage from falling trees
    • Damaged or missing shingles & roof flashing
    • Damaged gutters & downspouts
    • Damaged skylights
    • Roof ventilation issues
    • Rotted wood or roof sheathing

    Top Rated Roof Repair Experts

    If you’re experiencing roofing issues in your home or commercial property, you need to act fast. Even minor roofing issues can become large-scale, expensive problems if left unattended.

    It pays to be proactive when it comes to roofing repairs and inspections. Timely repairs can prevent extensive structural issues and extend the lifespan of your roof dramatically. So, if you have discovered a roof leak or any or any other roofing problem in your home, get in touch with our professionals right away. We will be happy to assist you in fixing your roofing issues quickly, efficiently, and without breaking a bank.

    So, what are the common causes of roofing problems that can result in structural damage to your home or commercial building? Fixing any minor roofing problems immediately can help avoid most of these roofing issues altogether.

    Flashing: Improperly installed or deteriorated flashings can pave the way for roof leaks. Damaged or cracked flashing must be replaced immediately. Even if your flashing is in good shape, make sure that it has sufficient caulking around all the edges. This will make sure that water does not enter the structure.

    Gutters and Downspouts: In case of clogged or inefficient gutters or downspouts, the water may start accumulating on your rooftop. In absence of any proper outlet, the pooling water will put an unnecessary burden on your roofing structure that may lead to all kinds of moisture-related issues in your home including mold growth and roof leaks.

    Conducting professional roofing inspections and maintenance at least twice a year can help you keep your roof free from dirt, debris, and other unwanted foreign materials. Our roofing experts will make sure that your gutters and downspouts are flowing properly and efficiently. An optimally working gutter system goes a long way in prolonging the lifespan of your roofing system. 

    Shingles: Roofing shingles can sustain various types of damage including broken shingles, lifted shingles, and lose shingles to name a few. Some of the warning signs that you need roof repairs immediately are blistering, cracking, buckling, wrapping, or curling.

    Due to constant exposure to weather elements, the shingles can lose their protective surface granules over time which will make them even more vulnerable to weather damage. Replacing damaged or missing shingles as soon as possible can help avoid any further damage to your roofing system.


    Chimneys: A chimney is one of the most damage-prone areas on a roofing system. A cracked or damaged chimney is the primary source of roof leaks. The flashing, which is used to secure the joints of a chimney, can also sustain damage during storms. In some cases, the chimney cap may be missing or broken. 

    Vent Pipes: Another vulnerable component of a roof is the rubber boot that is installed at the bottom of the vent pipe to keep it intact. Cracked rubber boots are also a major cause of roof leaks. That’s why it’s critical to check the rubber boots regularly for any damage. Make sure to replace them as soon as possible or add more sealant if necessary to avoid more problems down the line. 

    Moss Buildup: Areas covered with heavy moss may lead to wood rot under your roofing shingles. This is because the moss attracts moisture. That’s why it is important to remove moss from your roof as soon as possible. And the damaged areas of the roof should be repaired or replaced immediately. 

    Weather Damage: Rain, ice, snow, sleet, and hail can wreak havoc on your roof. Due to its excessive weight, ice and snow can compromise the structural integrity of your roof. For this reason, it is crucial to inspect your roof for any damage before the winter season. This will ensure that your roof is ready to withstand the harsh weather conditions of winter. 

    Roof leaks and emergency repairs

    Roof leaks can come from many different areas on your roof, including damaged shingles, flashing, and skylights. If you're worried about a roof leak, check for water spots on your ceiling. After a storm, look for missing shingles or other roof damage that could cause a leak. Leaks in your roof can eventually cause mold, wood rot and interior water damage. Your home and roof can also suffer major structural damage if repairs aren't made. The good news is we can find roof leaks quickly and provide emergency roof repair services. Why risk climbing on your roof? Let us do the work and do it right.

    Hail & storm roof damage repairs

    If your roof has been damaged by a storm, don’t trust your roof repair to the first storm chasing contractor that comes knocking at your door. Our team of professionals will inspect your roof, address any problems, and restore the roof to its original condition.

    Storms can wreck your home's roof. Strong winds can cause your shingles to crack, bend or blow off, leaving your roof and the inside of your home vulnerable to water damage. While hailstorms can cause dents or cracking in your shingles, not all hail damage is easy to spot and can cause a leak later. If you’ve experienced a recent storm and think you might have hail damage, it’s best to have your roof evaluated by a professional to prevent costly repairs or replacement.

    We have experience with roof insurance claims and can meet with your insurance adjuster while they are inspecting your property for storm damage. We will provide you with a free estimate for the cost of your roof repair job.

    Free estimates for roof repair & maintenance

    From roof leaks to storm damage to regular wear and tear, Ridge Valley Exteriors' experienced crew can handle all your roof repair needs. When minor problems are overlooked, they can become costly problems that can damage the interior of your home. Make sure your home is properly protected with quality products and lasting repairs from a local roof repair company in Georgia.

    Are you simply looking for a roof inspection to determine the condition of your roof? We can help with that too!

    Contact Ridge Valley Exteriors to request your free roof repair estimate.

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