How Can I Do a Temporary Repair on My Leaky Roof

How can I do a temporary repair on my leaky roof from Ridge Valley Exteriors? Roof repairs can be extremely stressful to handle, especially when you have a busy schedule. Discovering a roof leak in your home is enough to ruin an otherwise perfect day. However, there are some effective measures that you can use to avoid any further damage to your home in case you have just noticed a roof leak


How to Fix an Emergency Roof Leak? 

Let’s look at some of the ways to temporarily fix your roof and stop leaks.

  • Find the location of the leak
  • Take a tarp (stretching 4 feet from the center to the edges) and cover up the damaged area responsible for the roof leak.
  • Secure your tarp properly by placing some heavy objects like bricks or sandbags on the corners. Since a tarp is made of waterproof material, it helps temporarily stop water from seeping into your roofing system. 
  • Make sure the weather is clear and calm when you decide to inspect your roofing system.
  • For better traction, wear shoes with a sturdy rubber sole and make sure that shoes are free from any mud or dirt.
  • Have someone with you all the time, especially when climbing up the ladder. Don’t carry anything heavy with you while climbing the ladder. Instead, ask your friend to send you the needed supplies with a rope and bucket once you’re on the roof. 
  • If you have a steep or high roof, it’s safer to hire professionals for the job.

While the above steps can help you fix your roof leaks for the short term, they cannot provide you with any long-term solution. For your as well as your home’s safety, always remember to hire experienced professionals to assess your roofing damage and provide you with a permanent solution. 

What to Do If the Roof Is Still Leaking?

Okay, you have followed the above steps properly, but your roof leak still doesn’t stop. If you’ve discovered the leak during an extreme weather event that has been there for several days, water damage may have affected your roof’s inner layers as well. These are serious roof leaks, and if left unchecked, they can compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Another thing you should note is that if there’s standing water on your roof, a tarp may not provide you with any effective relief from your roof leak. In such cases, you can use some silicone caulk as a temporary solution.

Apply Silicone Caulk

Silicone caulk is an easy-to-use and very effective material for quick fixes. Additionally, it is easily available and provides waterproof protection when applied properly. If you know the source of your roof leak and the damage is still minor, apply some caulk immediately to fix the leak. Make sure to apply adequate caulk, especially in the gaps so that it can effectively prevent water from getting in.

Loose Shingles

If the source of your roof leak is hard to find, you need to assess your roof carefully. Misaligned or loose shingles due to storms or strong winds are a common cause of roof leaks in most cases.

So, if you notice any loose shingles on your roof, try to align and secure them properly with nails. For extra protection, apply caulk on the nails to prevent corrosion and further damage. 

Never Use DIY Roof Repair Techniques

Except for the temporary quick fixes mentioned above, it is strongly recommended to not attempt any extensive DIY repairs yourself. Roofing is a complex and highly specialized job. So, always hire skilled and qualified professionals to inspect and fix your roofing issues for the long term. 

In fact, you should go for the above quick fixes only when no roofer is available for help immediately. Take proper safety precautions so that you can use temporary solutions safely and effectively.

How to Permanently Fix Your Roof?

Now that you have successfully applied the best quick fix to temporarily solve your roofing issue, it’s time to get rid of your roof leaks once and for all. This is where professional roofers come into the picture. Get in touch with a reliable and trustworthy roofing contractor like Ridge Valley Exteriors and get your roof thoroughly assessed by them. 

Professionals will examine every part of your roof and provide you with an estimate that will also include a list of repairs and replacement options. For more information, contact Ridge Valley Exteriors at 844-741-7663. We service areas in Marco Island and Clearwater, FL Acworth and Kennesaw, GA, Raleigh, and Durham, NC.