What is the Best Roof for Your City?

What is the best roof for your city? Are you looking to install a new roof? You may feel overwhelmed by the apparently limitless variety of roofing materials, colors, and related items available. Indeed, you will have to consider many factors when you are in the market for a new roof.

The roofing material you choose will determine not only the cost of your roofing project. Also, the longevity of your roof and the maintenance it will need depends on this.  

But the climate of the area where you live is a factor that will influence your decision about the roofing material you will install. From a geological point of view, Florida is a very diverse state. So, you have to consider several elements depending on which area you live in. 

We want to make this choice easier for you. Thus, we described below the most convenient roofing materials according to the typical climate of Florida’s major cities.

What is the Best Roof for Your City?

Best Roofing Material for Tampa

Generally, Tampa features bright, sunny days with 83-degrees high temperatures per day and moderate wind. This climate seems excellent, isn’t it? However, Tampa is the most hurricane-prone on this list. Indeed, this city has the 14th greatest chance of hurricane in all the US cities.  

Historically, every 2.03 years, Tampa is struck by a hurricane that causes winds up to 137 mi/h. For this reason, many Tampa homeowners prefer to install metal roofing in their houses. Metal roofs can protect your home even against 140-mph winds. Thus, metal roofs can protect your home and family from the strongest winds ever registered in this city. (Read more about metal roofing options)

Best Roofing Material for Pensacola

Pensacola is the Panhandle city of Florida. Certainly, here the risk of a hurricane is lower when compared to other Florida areas. Yet, its inhabitants do not always stay dry. Actually, according to a study from WeatherBill, Inc., based in San Francisco, Pensacola is the second US city with the highest level of rain.

It features 56 rainy days and more than 65 inches of rainfall on average annually, metal roofs are the best option for Pensacola homes. Metal roofs offer an exceptional performance under heavy rain conditions. Besides, there have been significant innovations that improve the style and appeal they offer. So, this roofing material is each time more attractive for homeowners. Still, composite or asphalt shingles are the most used material. But they are permeable and vulnerable to mold and mildew development when they do not receive proper maintenance.

Best Roofing Material for Tallahassee

Tallahassee is another major city in Florida with a relatively low hazard of tropical storms and hurricanes. Indeed, there had been passed 30 years since the previous hurricane hit the Apalache Bay Coast when Hurricane Hermine stroke in 2016. With winds of more than 80 mph, that hurricane caused significant damage to local roofs. 

So, asphalt shingles, the roofing material more abundant in the market, is a good choice for this area. However, with 9th place on that list, Tallahassee is also one of the rainiest cities in the U.S. 

Therefore, Tallahassee homeowners use to choose metal roofing or composite or asphalt shingles with a weatherproof treatment. (Read more about metal roofing options)

Best Roofing Material for Orlando

Orlando, “The City Beautiful” is worldwide renowned due to its outstanding attractions and excellent weather. Generally, the weather in Orlando is sunny and hot, with 233 sunny days every year and a daily high temperature of 83 degrees on average. But, The Theme Park Capital of the World is not only about fun and games. When it comes to roofs in Orlando, the most popular option is asphalt shingles. They owe their popularity to their affordability. 

However, you should note that asphalt shingles are the most vulnerable roofing product to constantly exposition to hot and sunny weather. Under climatic conditions like these, the durability of an asphalt roof can be shortened by 20-40%. Remind that, over time, asphalt is prone to soften due to the heat. So, the shingles will curl, and high winds can blow them away.  

On the other hand, by installing light-colored shingles, your roof will reflect the sun’s rays, accumulating less heat. Thanks to this feature, you can extend your roof life. 

Best Roofing Material for Jacksonville

Jacksonville, The Bold City, is also a seaside town for which storms with strong winds and hurricanes are no strange things. On average, a hurricane strikes the Jacksonville metropolitan area every 2.21 years. This figure places it in 32nd place, among the most hurricane-prone cities in the U.S. Besides, in recent years, were registered speed winds over 80 mph, mainly during Hurricane Mathew in 2016. 

Therefore, many homeowners are considering improving their roofs from the usual 3-Tab shingle systems to higher-quality architectural asphalt shingles. These architectural shingles offer warranties against wind speeds up to 130 mph.

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