The Pros and Cons of Tile Roofing in Florida

The pros and cons of tile roofing in Florida. It is not usual to see Florida homes with tile roofs. Still, tiles are most popular here than in any other state of the U.S.

Tile can be a beautiful feature for your house and one of the most durable roofing materials you can find. Having a tile roof may bring you benefits; however, it also has its downsides. Most of its disadvantages relate to increased costs and problematic installation. So, you should think about it before making such a significant investment.

When it comes to material, shape, and color, tile roofs are like any other roofing material. So, as it happens with many other roofing materials, you can customize tile roofs to suit your needs and desires. 

But, if you live in Florida, you may wonder why you should have a tile roof. Therefore, here we show you the pros and cons of installing a tile roof in your Florida home.

Slates Roof. Modern American South West Style Home Roof Closeup Photo.

Pros of Installing a tile Roof in Florida

  • Long-Lasting – A tile roof is designed to endure the weather and last for many years. Tile roofs tend to last decades more than the ordinary shingle roof. Indeed, their lifespan may reach 50 years or even more in dry regions. Tile roofs can resist hail, rain, high winds, as well as fire. Therefore, if you install a tile roof, it will most likely last the rest of your life. At least, you can expect not to have to replace a tile roof while you own the house.
  • Stylish – Tiles provide your home a unique and attractive appearance. They will make your house stand out from the rest of your area. Tile roofs, which mimic the Spanish style common in South Florida, can give your home a nice curb appeal and enhance the resale value of your home. Also, there is available a variety of designs and materials to select from. Besides, most recent tiles do not fade over time. So, your roof may appear brand new for decades.
  • Low Long-Term Costs – tile roofs are resistant to weather elements and fire. Thus, you will pay less for your home insurance premium. Except for fixing a broken tile, you won’t have much to do to keep your roof in good condition if it was built correctly. Moreover, tiles will boost your home’s energy efficiency when compared to other roofing styles. They will help you to control your home temperature, which will translate into energy savings for you.

Cons of Installing a tile Roof in Florida

  • High Costs Up Front – Thanks to their low maintenance features, durability, and energy efficiency, tile roofs will make you save money in the long term. But, although it provides an excellent return on investment, it has a high upfront cost. Generally, a tile roof might cost $20,000 or even more. So, tiles are more costly than asphalt shingles, and their installation is more expensive.
  • Replacement – Neither installing nor repairing a tile roof is not an easy job. Generally, tile roofs outlast the construction materials below them. Thus, replacing sheathing, rafters, or underlayment paper that lies beneath the roof might be costly.
  • Weight – Tiles are significantly heavier than shingles, regardless of the material they are made of. So, if you are planning to substitute your current roof with a tile roof, you will probably have to reinforce its structure. Even you may need to add reinforcements to your house to support the increased weight. Do you want a tile roof on your home? Consider that you may be spending more than you would for a standard roofing project.

A tile roof may represent an excellent addition to any home. However, this type of roof is not suitable for every house and homeowner. Therefore, if you are thinking about installing a tile roof, you may have some doubts and questions.

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