What Every Floridian Should Know About Hurricanes in 2021

What Every Floridian Should Know About Hurricanes in 2021. The number of storms and hurricanes hitting Florida has risen over the last few years.

In this sense, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration affirmed that 2020 was one of the most active hurricane seasons thus far. Unfortunately, specialists don’t expect that things slow down during 2021. Indeed, we could have another active season.

So, many homeowners wonder, should I worry about it? However, the real question you should do yourself would be:

What should I do to prepare my family and my home for these heavy weather events?

Remind that your roofing system is your protective shield against the harsh effects of elements.

Florida and Hurricanes 

Hurricanes and storms are not something new to Florida. This region always has dealt with heavy storms and hurricanes. Nevertheless, the recent hurricane season has become more dangerous than ever. 

Indeed, Hurricane Irma -one of the deadliest hurricanes experienced in this area- took the lives of more than 80 people, devastating Florida recently, in 2018.

The 2021 Weather Forecast for Florida

Florida residents expected to have a break after a record-breaking hurricane season. Well, we regret to have bad news for you.

The Colorado State University announced that 17 named storms and eight hurricanes would hit Florida this year. This is number is shocking, especially considering that according to scientists, at least four of these hurricanes will reach Category 3 or higher.

With a forecast like this, 2021 would exceed the national average in both named storms and hurricanes.

How to Prepare When Expecting Heavy Storms 

Do you live in Florida? Then you know the kind of damage that hurricanes can cause. Therefore, preparation is the key.

Some homeowners remind that their roofs are over there only when a terrible storm is around the corner. However, this element of your home protects your family and belongings.

Therefore, it is indispensable that you prepare your house to avoid things getting out of hand. You might think your house is ready to withstand everything. Still, the following tips will be helpful:

• Check Your Roof:

It is a wise move to check the shape of your roofing system before the storms arrive. First, check the basics – like if it is clean and there is no accumulation of leaves or debris in the valleys. Also, check for moss and mold spots in the shingles. Besides, look for curled or missing shingles, as well as dents. These types of issues may scale into bigger damage after heavy storms or hurricanes hit.

Trim Nearby Trees:

A three-branch hanging near your roof may look beautiful from the ground. But, it may be a serious menace to your roof. Hurricanes bring strong winds that can break these branches, and where these heavy objects could end falling? Right, on your roof.

Remind that if that happens and your roof suffers grave damage, repairing it during the hurricane will be almost impossible. Then your home and family will pay the consequences.

Clear Drains, Gutters and look for repairs needed:

Gutters protect your home’s external walls and foundation from water damage and filtering. If they are clogged, they will not direct the rainwater away from your house. Instead, it will return to your roof, filter under the shingles, and cause leaks. Also, you’ll see torn screens and loose weather-stripping.  

So, ensure your gutters and draining system are clear and free of blockages. Besides, don’t forget to look for any dents in them.

The Bottom Line:

Homeowners in a high-risk area like Florida must keep in mind the dangers that storms and hurricanes carry. Prevention is crucial to overcome named storms with no major damage. 

Thus, contacting a local reputable roofing contractor to protect your home is the best you can do.

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