Is Your Roof Ready For Spring?

Spring is Almost Here!

Is your roof ready for spring? Although spring officially begins on March 20, many parts of the country (including the Southeast) are already feeling like spring. Spring storms, warmer temperatures, and new growth will be here before you know it. As well as the Pollening, allergy sufferers will soon be forced to deal with the Pollening.

Is Your Roof Ready For Spring

As we prepare for spring, we should also prepare our roofs for the season.

What do you think of when you hear the word “spring”? The Easter holiday? A vacation? Is it time to mow the lawn? There are probably many things you associate with spring. Spring cleaning is one of the things that most people think about once the weather starts to warm! But Ridge Valley Exteriors asks you, is your roof ready for spring?

Cleaning out the house and reorganizing your possessions are usually part of spring cleaning. You might change out the decorations, get rid of some clutter, and reorganize your closets. You should do that! On the other hand, is your roof ready for spring? You should also check your roof as part of your spring cleaning & maintenance checklist.

Let’s say I have a roof problem. How do I deal with that? I just cleaned my gutters last fall, but the leaves have not even started to fall yet!”

You did a great job cleaning your gutters in the fall, but is your roof ready for spring? It is important to keep your gutters clean regularly, not just once a year. It is also possible that debris has accumulated on your roof and gutters since the fall. During an ice storm, branches can fall on your roof, and melting snow can fill your gutters with large amounts of shingle granules. What are some other facts that you may not be aware of, such as how some deciduous trees (such as oaks) retain a certain amount of leafiness through the winter?

Preparing Your Roof for Spring & the Warmer Months

All of this makes spring a great time to pay a little attention to your roof. Is your roof ready for spring? How do you go about it? Great question! On your spring roof maintenance checklist, make sure to include the following items:

Deal with Any Encroaching Plants

Your roof can be at risk from overhanging branches of nearby trees or tall shrubs. If you have growth that gets too close to your house, it is a good idea to cut it back. In addition to protecting your roof from fallen limbs, this can also cut down on the number of leaves that end up in your gutters. Generally, spring is the best time of year to prune plants, and it is healthy for them, especially before they grow leaves and greenery.

Check the Condition of Your Primary Roofing Material

Is your roof ready for spring? Do you have shingles? You will want to inspect your roof for any damages, loose shingles, or missing ones – these will need to be replaced. Check your shingles’ granule status too; if not enough granules are present, your shingles’ performance will be greatly diminished. As soon as you reach this point, replace your roof to prevent costly water damage. Also, spring is a good time to inspect your roof material if it is not covered with shingles.

Check Your Flashing & Seals

The flashing and seals on a roof are often overlooked by homeowners, as the items are out-of-sight and out-of-mind. The flashing on your roof can corrode, erode, or rust over time, and any damage to that flashing can result in leaking roofs. Check to make sure all seals, weatherproofing, and flashing are in good condition on your spring roof checklist. Underlayment or decking that is exposed in any area needs to be addressed immediately.

Yep, Check Your Gutters Too

It is never a bad idea to check your gutters in the spring too, even if you cleaned them in the fall. A follow-up cleaning may be necessary even if they seem to be fine. Additionally, springtime is a time when many insects and animals become active and are looking for places to build nests. Before any critters or pests lay eggs on your roof, you should remove any nests found on or around it. For the spring and summer seasons, you need gutters in the best possible shape to direct off any incoming rain.

Take a Peek Inside Your Attic

When you look at your roof from underneath, your spring roof inspection is truly complete. Verify that your attic is dry at this time by getting up there and touching it. There is almost always some kind of water damage or staining on your roof that points to a roof problem. A mold or mildew infestation in your attic could also suggest the presence of unwanted moisture. You might want to check out your attic on a sunny day. You can spot any gaps in your roof if you see sunshine peeking through from above.

The Best Way to Get Your Roof Ready for Spring: Start with a New Roof!

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