Do metal roofs need gutters

Do Metal Roofs Need Gutters? Gutters are used to divert away water from your roof and protect its many components from being damaged by moisture or freezing. This is especially important in areas where ice dams are common, as you would not want the extra water weight causing a collapse of these areas, which may result in leaks and severe water damage in your home.

Many homeowners are familiar with traditional asphalt shingle roofing and generally know how gutters function within that system. However, metal roofing is growing in popularity across the US, which leaves homeowners with a lot of questions about this new type of roofing system, especially when it comes to gutters. Do metal roofs even need gutters?

You will find the answer to all your metal roof and gutter related questions here.

Do You Need Gutters with a Metal Roof?

A proper gutter system directs roof runoff away from your home and protects your roof, siding and foundation. It also allows the water to drain away from the house, so you don’t have puddles accumulating near the foundation and damaging the carpets and walls inside. Without a properly installed gutter system, ice dams and subsequent water leaks are inevitable. By skipping out on this very important step, you will be saving yourself money in the beginning, but costing yourself exponentially higher later.

Your metal roof will probably survive without a properly installed gutter system. Unlike asphalt shingles, which can crack and allow moisture to penetrate your roofing system, metal roofs are designed to be water resistant. However, that doesn’t mean a metal roof without gutters can protect the rest of your home from rain, sleet, or snow.

A gutter protection system helps prevent water from reaching your home’s foundation, siding and intricate flower beds below. Without a gutter system, water that collects on your roof can drip down the siding of your home and potentially leak behind siding panels, leading to structural issues down the line—an expensive problem to fix. Additionally, a lack of gutters causes roof runoff to saturate any landscaping around your home. Not only can this kill your plants, but without proper ground drainage, that water can seep into the foundation of your home and lead to flooding and water damage over time.

Do Metal Roofs Need Gutters?

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Why Some Metal Roofs Don’t Have Gutters

You might be wondering if gutters are so important to protecting the integrity of your home’s siding and foundation, why do some metal roofs not have gutters at all?

For one reason, installing gutters on metal roofs properly is extremely difficult. Not to mention that maintaining and keeping them clean is challenging. Metal roofs are installed using a different process than traditional asphalt shingles, and if a metal roof and gutter system is installed poorly, bad weather can easily rip the gutters right off and damage your premium metal roof.

A poorly maintained gutter system can become clogged and lead to water build up, resulting in a lot of the same damages that the gutters were originally designed to prevent. In addition to clogged gutters, leaves and other debris from summer storms can also pose a threat to your property. It is important to clean these areas regularly, so they don’t fill with water. This is especially relevant if you live in an area where severe storms frequently occur.

With all the problems associated with poorly installed gutters on metal roofs, some homeowners prefer not to install one. When installing gutters, a professional team will analyze the home to determine the best possible spot for installation making it necessary – and desirable — to install gutters on metal roofing.

When Metal Roofs Need Gutters

Although metal roofs are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, and therefore can survive without a gutter system, gutters are designed to protect more than just your roof. Without them, other areas of your home are at risk of water damage.

The gutter system is often the least talked about, yet it is one of the most important aspect of your home. Whether you have a cedar shake, high-impact acrylic, or metal roofing system, they are all vulnerable to leaks and water damage if your gutters are not properly installed. 

Installing gutters can help you avoid a costly roofing repair particularly if you live in an area that experiences a lot of rain throughout the year or snow in the winter months. Properly installed gutters will help prevent water from seeping underneath the roof, often contributing to leaks below. Metal roofs are no exception, as they still need to be maintained and checked for signs of wear and damage in between repairs. Any responsible homeowner should seek to have their home properly fitted with an appropriate gutter system and by trustworthy roofing professional. Going gutter less might work for a little while, but after years of rain, snow and sleet drainage, you’re putting your home’s foundation at serious risk.

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Types of Gutters for Metal Roofs

There are a few options available when it comes to gutters from metal roofing. One of the popular options with metal roofing is Seamless gutters.  But regardless of the type of gutter you have, keep in mind that gutters should be mounted as high as they possibly can be on metal roofs. They should also be sloped to help with drainage.

Ready to Install Gutters for Your Metal Roof?

You’ve already taken the bold step of choosing metal roofing for your home, so don’t hold back from taking the next step and adding gutters. Over time, gutters can save you money on energy bills. They can also protect your property from damage from severe storms.

Trust Long Roofing for your metal roofing and gutter system needs. With a Class 4 distinction in impact resistance and a Class A fire rating, our metal roofing is made to withstand a variety of damaging forces. Plus, our expert metal roofers are trained to properly install gutter systems, so you don’t have to choose between your metal roof and protecting your home from water damage.

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