Why Ridge Vents are Essential for Your Roof

Ridge Valley Exteriors is here to explain why ridge vents are essential for your roof. Ridge vents have small spaces to escape air from the internal area to the external environment of a home or building. They are installed at the top of the roof. These vents allow humid and warm air to flow upward out of the attic space naturally. In commercial areas, including warehouses, ridge vents circulate the fresh air by allowing the hot air to go out through the top of the building.


Why are ridge vents essential or needed?

A good quality ridge vent establishment works alongside soffit and peak vents in the private roofing to naturally circulate air. Without ridge vents, moisture present in the air can adhere to the more excellent surface, which causes enough damage by leaking down inside the home. Presence of moisture also cause foul smell in the house.

In business areas, particularly metal ones, ridge vents decrease buildup that might cause rust and cause the degradation of metal after some time. One more advantage that comes from introducing ridge vents is that a more relaxed upper air space works on the proficiency of cooling frameworks for the inside of the home’s structure. 

Preparing for ridge vent installation

Ridge vents always work in combination with soffit vents and gable vents. Soffit vents prove more helpful in increasing air circulation than gable vents. Without these vents, ridge vents prove useless for circulation. These vents can be installed before or after the ridge vents to have a sound functioning system.

Removing cap shingles

The initial step for installing a ridge vent is to eliminate the already present ridge cap shingles. A specific number of shingles is removed along the whole ridgeline to make space for the ridge cap vent installation.

Removing wood sheathing

The wood sheathing is removed for the fitting of the ridge vent. This process is carried out by marking the area of the wood sheath using some chalk or other material to make sure that desired space of the wood sheath is eliminated out. It’s essential to take the proper measurement of the open space to avoid any damage to the roof structure.

Nails are also removed if any interrupt with the open space. The open space should be as accurate as possible. And the depth of the saw must be considered to avoid any damage to the roof trusses or ridge board.

Ridge vent installation over shingles

The following types of ridge vent systems include shingle over the ridge vent or an aluminum ridge vent cap. Both methods require creating the same space as described above before the installation. 

The difference between them can be explained easily as in shingle over the ridge vent system; shingles cover the ridge vent. These shingles are the same shingles used to cover the roof. An aluminum ridge vents cap is not get covered with the shingles. The choice depends upon the personal choice and economic value of the shingles.

Ridge vent installation over metal

For the metal roof, the installation method is a bit different. In that case, the ridge vent comes with kits that consist of connectors and end plugs. Proper installation of these pieces makes sure that no extra spacing is left behind for the water seeping and no insect can enter the house’s attic. The metal roofing adhesive material is used to adhere the ridge vent over the proper opening. 

There are the following steps involved in preventing water leaks in the metal roof.

  • Place the metal roof vent on the roof peak and use it to check each edge on the roof. Eliminate the metal roof vent and cut the openings ideally, leaving around one inch of metal roofing under the ridge vent for the adhesive position.
  • Place the cement strip along the line that will be under the ridge vent
  • Place the edge vent ready.
  • Secure everything utilizing self-tapping metal roofing screws that are fixed until the neoprene gasket is squeezed out under the metal washers.

The advantages of having a ridge vent for homes and business properties are critical. A quality roof vent system, which incorporates a ridge vent, is essential for an entire roof establishment that each property needs to have for the best outcomes.

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