Take Advantage of Our Equipter for Your Roofing Project

Know you have the best roofing contractor on your project. Only top roofing companies have an Equipter. We know that you have put a lot of time and money into creating a gorgeous yard for your house. Consequently, when it comes to protecting your Tampa, Florida landscape, we take it extremely seriously.

At Ridge Valley Exteriors, we strive to ensure that our customers have a great experience. As a result, we must use the appropriate tools for each job.


What Is an Equipter and What Can It Do For You.

An Equipter is a hydraulic dump trailer that is self-propelled. In the roofing sector, the advent of this equipment marked a breakthrough. One of the most evident benefits is that this equipment protects your landscape during your new roof replacement project. 

Choosing our services means that roofing debris will not harm your yard. However, there are many more reasons why you should consider using them besides safeguarding your landscape.

A few of the primary benefits include:

  • Does the job require going into a tight space? Thanks to our Equipter, that situation does not worry us. A 13-horsepower Honda engine lets us move it around the work area with ease. Moreover, its narrow turning radius and well-distributed weight mean it won’t harm your property. Even better, it will not leave any ruts in your grass! 
  • Our personnel doesn’t need to move anything to the roof anymore. We place a high value on the well-being of our crew members. Using the Equipter, our workers are no longer burdened having to lug hundreds of shingles up the ladder. Actually, the Equipter does all the heavy lifting. No matter how heavy the tools are or how many tons of tiles we dump, there is no difference in the effort. Our roofing equipment helps to keep the job site clean and our workers safer. 

How Our Equipter Works? 

Our Equipter prevents your lawn from becoming a dumping ground for waste. How it can do that? In the 10.5 ft. wide dumpster, we just throw away the old shingles. So, that means less cleaning for us and less damage to your property. 

Using the Equipter’s 4-foot rollback function, we can place the container above and below your flowerbeds, shrubs, and other external elements. This feature allows reducing the danger of damage.

Also, it removes the trash by dumping and hauling it away. We are like a well-oiled machine thanks to the Equipter! Besides, we put our lift near any vehicle that can handle approximately 4,000 pounds of material. Afterward, we lift the container and unload it by lowering the hydraulic tailgate.

Moreover, since our Equipter can come to every workplace with us, it is a huge time-saver! 

All these extraordinary benefits translate into a cost reduction for your roofing project. Of course, it means savings for you.

Our Roofing Service Is: Clean, Safe, and Timely

To sum it up, the Equipter makes our job easier, faster, and cleaner in the end.

That means less bother for our customers, as well as more savings. So, our Equipter help us to work more quickly and more efficiently. Everyone benefits from this arrangement.

By employing an intelligent debris management system, you can avoid damage such as crushed Japanese maples or shattered planters. 

Also, using new equipment and technology used to bring some benefits that tend to go unnoticed. But, because of that, they are no less important. For instance, the Equipter lowers a lot the arduous labor that wears down roofing workers. Consequently, it attracts and helps to retain a high-quality roofing crew.

Using this method, personnel may reduce the manual material handling they must perform, making the job easier. Less risk of harm occurs since the Equipter transports items up to the roof, rather than merely hauling down rubbish. So, these features make the roofing process considerably simpler and safer.

Therefore, with the use of the Equipter, roofing injuries have decreased. As you can see, the introduction of this equipment is a great advance that made the sector a safer place to work in.

Above all things, it has improved the working circumstances for roofers!

Everyone on our staff is significant to us. So, we take our workers’ well-being and safety extremely seriously.

Likewise, we don’t waste time clearing up roofing debris. Our Equipters have decreased clean up time by up to 80%, which mean more capacity and lower expenses for our customers!

The Catch-All System: An Alternative Protective System for your Landscape

Our efforts to provide the best roofing service and achieve your satisfaction go beyond employing the Equipter. Thanks to our partnership with AVCO Roofing, we can use new innovative roofing debris and property damage protection solution.

The Catch-All system is a landscape protection kit, which shelters the job site and surrounding areas during roof replacement processes. This kit includes some collapsible poles that support several types of nets. They are designed to catch debris and nails falling from your roof.

This solution provides advantages such as:

Safety for your family and pets: This is an effective way to keep your lawn free of dangerous debris and nails.

Jobsite Protection: It keeps the worksite and areas around it (like your lawn) clean.

Time Savings: Your roofing contractor won’t have to spend long hours sifting through the landscape for missing nails and debris.

The Catch-All’s Ground and Landscape Nets overcome the use of tarps in every aspect. Let Ridge Valley Exteriors save your Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina landscaping. 

Put Your Trust in a Top Rated Tampa Local Roofing Company

Take Advantage of the Best Technology in Roofing Industry with Us

We can say that there is a new way of looking at routine job site activities thanks to the Equipter.

Homeowners especially like the Equipter’s ability to maintain their properties net and orderly, rather than strewn with debris.

But, getting the task done fast and cleaner is not simply our goal. Besides, our purpose is to do an excellent job. Ridge Valley Exteriors’ Equipters are here to ensure that you are happy with our service.

Do you want to seize these benefits for your next roofing project? Call us today at 844-741-7663.

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