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Storm Damage

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From small repairs to major structural storm damage, we’ll work with your insurance company to expedite your roof insurance claim.

Storm Damage Repair

Take care of a Storm Damaged roof ASAP

Whether storm damage has left you with a few missing shingles or a gaping hole in your roof, the faster repairs can get underway, the better. Once the ability of your roof to protect your home has been compromised, even the smallest flaw can quickly worsen or spread. To make sure that your roof gets properly restored to its original condition, you need a team of highly trained contractors you can trust! 

Storms can strike at any moment, day or night, leaving your home devastated by wind and hail damage. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until normal business hours to get repairs underway. Contact Ridge Valley Exteriors anytime you need us for an emergency roof repair.

Spotting Signs of a Storm Damaged Roof

As soon as the storm has subsided, our professionals at Ridge Valley Exteriors will visit your property and inspect the damage that occurred to your roofing system. 

 We will offer you emergency storm damage services immediately to prevent any further damage. Our storm damage specialists will handle all your roofing repairs and insurance claims promptly and efficiently. 

We will perform the following steps to determine the extent of your roof storm damage from wind, hail, or a broken tree. After assessing the damage, we will take the necessary steps to stop and repair the damage immediately.

1. Roof vents caps — By simply inspecting the roof vent caps, our experts can determine if your roofing damage is caused by falling tree limbs or hailstones. In general, dents do not hinder the proper functioning of roof vent caps but damaged or dented roof vent caps usually indicate that your roof got strut by a weather hazard. 

2. Downspouts — Professionals will check your downspouts for the presence of any shingle granules. While some level of granule loss is common especially when the roof is brand new, a significant amount of loss is an indication that your roof has been seriously damaged by the weather elements.

3. Shingles — Storm damage to your roofing shingles can vary greatly depending on several factors. In case, the damage to the roofing shingles follows a pattern, then storm damage is not likely the cause. Hail damage, on the other hand, is random. It bruises your roofing shingles that you can feel by touch. Besides surface bruises, it can create holes in your shingles. 

Missing, lifting, or ceased shingles are a sign that your roof has sustained high wind damage. In such cases, you need to repair your shingles immediately to prevent any further damage or water infiltration. 

Tree damage to shingles can be detected quite easily, but it is complicated to fix. Depending on the impact, your roof’s plywood decking, structural support, or roof underlayment can be damaged. In this case, the roof should be tarped immediately until permanent repairs are completed.   

4. Leaks — If you’re experiencing roof leaks in your home after a wind storm or hailstorm, it is almost a certainty that your roof has been damaged by the storm. Most often, roof leaks do not show up right after the storm. That’s why it is critical to conduct a roofing inspection immediately after a storm to determine the extent of the damage.

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Complimentary Rooftop Assessment

GoPro cameras and drones are used to show you exactly what we see. Our certified roof-top experts do a complimentary assessment of your roof to evaluate storm damage AND:

How to Determine Roof Storm Damage? 

The impact of roof storm damage or hail damage to shingles depends on the precise weather conditions during the storm. For instance, if the hailstorm is accompanied by rains, the water will make the asphalt roof harder by cooling down the shingles. In this case, the harmful effects of hailstones can be much more severe as the rain-cooled roof is more likely to displace or lose granules. 

On the other hand, in absence of rain, hailstones may hit the hot, soft, or dry asphalt. If that happens, the granules will embed deeper into the roofing material. That’s how the conditions during a storm or other weather hazard can affect your roofing damage. 

In case of storm roofing damage, dealing with your insurance provider can be hard and confusing. For this reason, at Ridge Valley Exteriors, we assign only the most experienced and trained roofing professionals to deal with your storm roofing damage and insurance claims. 

Our process starts with sending a skilled and experienced technician to your home or commercial property to handle roof repairs. You can expect a detailed inspection report along with relevant photographs of damaged areas and the costs involved. Our extensive experience and in-depth roofing knowledge mean that you’ll get fast approvals and maximum coverage with minimal expense and hassle. 

Contact Ridge Valley at (844) 741-ROOF the next time you need roof storm services for your residential or commercial roofing system.  

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