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21-Point Rooftop Inspection

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    The Certified Rooftop Experts at Ridge Valley Exteriors help commercial property owners maintain, repair and replace their roofing systems using the highest quality materials. We have years of experience on many different commercial systems, including:

    Roof Types We Service

    • Composite Roofing/Shingle
    • Standing Steam
    • Screw Down R-panel
    • Slate
    • Cedar Shingle
    • Tile
    • Modified Bitumen
    • Built-up
    • EPDM
    • TPO/PVC Single-Ply Systems
    • Coatings
    • SPF

    Our Services Include

    • Complimentary 21-Point Rooftop Inspection
    • Emergency roofing services
    • Roof maintenance and repairs
    • Full roof replacement

    Warranty Information

    • 2-years installation warranty, with the option to extend up to 20 yrs
    • Customer service available 24/7
    • Assistance with manufacturer’s warranty
    • Shingles backed by the largest shingle companies in the world

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