Benefits of Commercial Roof Coatings

Benefits of Commercial roof coatings from Ridge Valley Exteriors are a cost-effective and affordable solution for maintaining or restoring your roof. With a coating applied by a professional roofer, your roof can resist harsh natural elements such as rain, wind, and UV light, which potentially compromise the integrity of your roof over time. In addition, roofing coatings offer significant energy savings.


Roof coatings are discussed in this article and their composition and types.

How commercial roof coatings reduce environmental impact

Properly applied roof coatings can lengthen the life of your roof system, delaying the need for costly roof repairs or replacements. UV rays, water, and wind are all protected from your roof by a roof coating.

By extending the lifespan of your roof, fewer resources will need to be used to repair or replace it. You’re helping the environment by using fewer resources.

What Are Commercial Roof Coatings?

Commercial coating systems can protect new or existing commercial roofs and extend in usefulness. In addition to preventing water, physical, and chemical damage, the coatings are applied to roofs with low slopes. Saving money and improving sustainability are two of the main benefits of a roof coating.

Pros of Roof Coatings

As mentioned above, roof coatings have the primary benefit of extending the lifespan of your roof so that you will be paying less for maintenance and repairs. This coating protects water, UV rays, heat, and harsh elements from your roof.

Other benefits of roof coatings include:

1. Environmentally Friendliness

When you extend the life of your roof’s materials, you create less waste, which benefits the environment.

There is no need to take stress about the roof being harmful to the environment, either, since today’s roof coatings contain no dangerous chemicals. No harmful processes are used to produce and install your roof coating. You are also reducing the environmental impact of heat on your area since your roof coating helps reduce the temperature of your roof.

2. Cooler Temperatures

Not only does the environment benefits from the roof coatings ability to keep temperatures cool, but the owner also gets the benefit. Your money will be saved on the utility bills in the summer when you have a cooler roof.

By applying the right coating, you can reduce the temperature of your roof and your building’s interior by up to 10 degrees.

3. Prevention of Roof Damage

Keeping your roof sealed will prevent damage, leading to costly repairs. You should, however, fix any tiny leaks before applying the coating.

It would be best if you are considering having your roof repaired instead of replacing it if it has suffered minor damage. Replacing a roof usually costs significantly more than repairing it.

The process of replacing a roof can be quite complicated and frustrating. It involves removing the old one, purchasing new materials for the new one, and paying for the labor to install it. This is a much more sustainable and affordable way to fix a damaged roof and prevent further damage.

4. Simple Installation

Your business will not be disrupted as the coating is applied. You don’t have to stop your operations with a roof coating, as you’d do with a roof replacement. It doesn’t make much noise, and it doesn’t have a strong smell either.

5. 100% Waterproofing

Even the worst storms won’t cause your roof to leak again with a roof coating. Water cannot penetrate the coating since it melds with the roof to form a water-tight seal. Weak points or seams will not allow a leak to form.

6. Renewability

It is possible to renew your roof coating about every ten years, so you will continue to enjoy the benefits without replacing the roof. This new coat will be more reflective, longer lasting, and 100% waterproof.

7. Retention of Roof Color

In addition to improving its performance, a roof coating enhances its appearance. Roofs fade in color and can start to look dingy over time, but with proper maintenance, you can maintain their beauty.

A coating will still make your commercial roof look new, even if it has a more conservative color. Your business will reflect well with a new roof and customers will be attracted.

Environmental Impact

Providing your building is reflective and emissive, roof coatings can reduce energy use and environmental impact, in addition to reducing construction debris and increasing energy efficiency.

 As a result, your HVAC system will work less since the coating lowers the roof’s temperature and energy use during the day.

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